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Praise kink. Service submissives are my favorite

Do you want to be someone's good boy/good girl? I love letting subs earn my affection. I am Miss, a gentle dom who will take your confession, make you tell me about all your fears (all your hopes), and let you take care of me so I can take care of you.

My rules:

1. You call me Miss. That's the only name you get to use.
2. I don't take backtalk, but I do require that you answer all my questions fully and truthfully any time I ask them.
3. I will ask what you need, and what you never want. I will take care of you, but only if I know your complete and honest needs.
4. This is a simple line with simple tasks. If you've spent enough time with me and discover that you want to be my personal Pet, we can discuss that separately.
5. If you've been bad, I will absolve you. If you've been good, I will praise you. If you need to work, I will work you. I get my pleasure out of taking care of my good boys and girls. Follow my rules, and I am happy. Your most important task is to please me.