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Miss Corruptrix

Corruptrix Katherine ruins you!

There was not a word for who I am and what I like to do to dirty little poppets like you. There was only my delicious giggle, my voice like dripping honey, my brain spinning dirty webs and my unfettered self-indulgence ripping through your life, a whirlwind of hedonism, perversion, pleasure, kink. On your end, there was nothing to type into your trusty porn search bar that could encompass the desperate aching need, the endless searching, the gasping pleasure you finally find at my hands as I take your filthiest fantasies and drag you down, down, down into the dark.

There was not a word, there was only Me - my voice in your ear, your pulse quickening, your orgasm crashing down on you as your world changed forever.

But now, sweet little toys, now there is a word. I'm your Corruptrix, and I'm going to break you so sweetly and thoroughly that your life will never be the same.

My life is a romp through every pleasure I can get my hands on, and I deny myself nothing. Your life is grey, boring, flat. Even your fantasies lack color. You bore me, and I don't tolerate boredom.

It started simply -- an email, a custom request, a boy who wanted to dip his toes into new waters, a boy who wanted to try something new. It ended with me dragging him to places that not only had he never imagined, he never knew existed -- and I fucking loved it.

Corrupting you delights me. Breaking you thrills me. And deep inside, you know that you want this more desperately than you have words to express.

I'm a lifestyle kinkster, an artist, a manic pixie dream girl with a whip, your superior in every way. I am the alt-y princess of your dreams that catches your eye on the morning train. While you're going to your boring job, I'm on my way home from the sex club to my sensual home sanctuary. While you're wondering what sort of panties I'm wearing under my tiny skirt (none, by the way) I'm wondering if it's your wife I taught to squirt last night in front of a crowd of strangers. While you eat your shitty lunch I'm lying on a plush pillow in my home dungeon being served delightful indulgences by my personal slave. While you're stroking to your wildest fantasies, I'm living them as a matter of course, just another ordinary orgy on an ordinary Tuesday.

I take pets like you and break them open, wind them up, watch them go, watch their lives change, and you thank me by subsidizing my filthy glamorous self-indulgent princess pleasures.

I don't cater to ordinary fantasy. I'll take your bland little wet dreams and take you somewhere else, somewhere you will never be able to come back from and wouldn't want to leave anyway. Watch as the mundane masturbatory daydreams you have change shape under my skillful and experienced hands and you go to places that make you come harder than you ever have and leave you utterly defiled in their wake.

I'm Katherine, your Corruptrix, and I'm here to take you somewhere deeper, darker, and dirtier.