Phone Sex

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Sensual Relaxation and Release ~<3

Feeling lonely and want to explore your sensual side or share your inner most secrets?

If you are looking to explore your own body and mind... If you want to be trained in the sensual art of self pleasure... or perhaps a different kind of phone sex - I may be the person you should call...

Before you call, be sure that you are in your favorite relaxation spot. Clear your mind of outside influences. Only have YOUR pleasure on your mind. Think about YOUR own self pleasure. Think about the feeling you get after a great release of tension. Think about the first time and the last time you experienced self gratification during masturbation. Open your mind to what it is that makes you feel good.

Breathe and feel your own body... the softness of your skin... The pulse and rhythms of your body as you captivate yourself... See yourself touching the erogenous zones of your body... What does it feel like when you masturbate? Are your hands moving slowly or quickly around your body? Is there a place that you need to touch that you've been told you're not supposed to touch?

This is YOUR intimate moment with yourself so it is OK for you to feel good... It is OK to feel the pleasure between your legs and in your mind. No one can take this moment away from you... It is yours to savor now and always.

It is OK to think about all of these things... This is YOUR body and YOUR moment. If you enjoy it slow and warm with a gentle massage oil - Then have it! If you enjoy it fast and hot - Then do it! If you enjoy objects of penetration, find them and embrace the warmth of your body as you first feel the penetration. You are allowed to enjoy the feelings of ecstasy using your hands, your fingers, your vibrators, your dildos and other objects of pleasure. Tell me what it is that makes your body cry out in pleasure... Don't be afraid - I don't tell secrets and your anonymity is safe with me... Are there words you need to hear to help you achieve that wonderful orgasm you are working towards? Is there a mental picture in your mind of where your hands need to be to make your orgasm happen the way you need it to happen? Fight off the feelings of embarrassment because there is nothing better for you right now than whatever it is that makes YOU feel good!

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