Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

This call is an introduction to Me.

Who am I?

For now, you may call Me

I am:
Intense. Perceptive.
Magnetic. Addictive.
Absolutely Divine Royalty.

I am your Superior.
This is the first thing you must understand about Me.
This is not just a role that I play, but Who I Am.
If you hope to get to know Me, you must approach with this at the forefront of your mind.

I prefer intelligent, mindful interaction, yet I understand that the majority of men are ridiculous creatures that need unyielding levels of intense training. Still, be very thorough as you read these words. Then, be very careful when you pick up the phone to make a call to Me. The utmost respect is non-negotiable. Paying attention to My directives and My interests are the only ways to gain favor with Me. Know that you will not be bringing your dick into this conversation, at any point. When I know you're paying attention, I know you may have the potential to submit.

I'm a bit of a mental Sadist. I enjoy psychological domination, and I will test and challenge you and your limits. My approach is very intuitive, though rooted foremost in Feminine Superiority. It is My perspective that the practice of putting Women first is evolutionary for the collective, and of utmost importance.

Every relationship is different. If you meet My standards of behavior as a potential servant, I will get to know you and learn what will work best for us. This is about sacrifice, consistent service, and absolute worship. I'm a natural Dominant, however exploring this way on NiteFlirt is fairly new to Me, so there will be a learning curve.

Why Financial Domination?

Many submissive men may not understand the necessity for financial domination.
These men are fools. Still, I will elaborate on My perspective.

I have spent a great deal of time studying the absurdity of the patriarchal male thought process: the sickness of men. Men under the influence of this insane conditioning worldwide have exploited and abused the Feminine for centuries, meanwhile being entirely dysfunctional and valueless without Women.

With money comes access to resources, opportunity, and power. It is more than clear that men have had an advantage (despite obvious evolutionary disadvantages), and their hands on the steering wheel have yet to serve the whole of humanity on this planet. It has yet to even truly serve them. It is My perspective that they must be absolutely ruined and reconditioned, at best. Completely destroyed, at worst. And I am here to do just that, beginning with the direct connection to your financial means. And if you have any sense at all, you like it that way. Destruction, after all, creates space for something new.
I'm doing you the greatest favor of them all. Pay up.

I would say don't be scared, but of course it's only natural.
Mind your manners.