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Naomi Nitemare

♛♥19 year old Naomi IGNORE LINE♛♥




Financial Domination only. 



Let me guess, you're feeling horny, browsing the site looking for your best options and've stumbled across me. Well, welcome to your demise.
You will fall so deep under my spell that there will be no way out. I will intrude your mind, your thoughts, & your dreams. But the real nightmare begins when I haunt your every waking second. There is no escape. I bet just the thought of being that addicted turns you on..makes your heart race..makes your cock ACHE. That's just what I do. I take weak, weak-minded, helpless men & turn them into my little sluts. I will control your wallet, your mind, and your orgasms and you will become so helpless, so horny, and so weak that you will not be able to refuse me.

"But Goddess, you're only 19!"
I know, isn't it amazing how a teen can turn your entire world upside down, and do it so quickly? How a woman so young can have complete control of your entire existance? I really am quite extraordinary.

I am superior to you at such a young age and you absolutely love it. It makes you feel even more pathetic.



So young, but so dangerously curvy, such a huge..perfect..fat ass, such sweet pale blue eyes, such big..soft tits, such amazing long legs, such pouty lips...You just love it all, don't you? How could you not? I am pure perfection. You will become so obsessed and desperate to please me, and I will have so much fun using, abusing, torturing and rewarding you. I want you to beg to blow your load. I want to hear the desperation in your voice, begging & pleading for your release. This is going to be so much fun.