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Kruel Kylie

♥ 19 Year Old Kylie's Ignore Line ♥



 You've gotten yourself into quite a bit of trouble now, haven't you? let me guess, you're feeling slightly dizzy, slightly weak and scared. ''What's going to happen to me?'' you're asking yourself ''How is she controlling my mind THIS fast?'' Don't worry, everything you're feeling is completley normal but utterly deadly and detrimental to your mental health. I bet that's turning you on, falling so deeply under a beautiful young teen girls spell that you're helpless and so horny to the point that you'll do anything to please her (me.) 

It's rare that you come aross such a young girl with such a fat ass, so curvy, round and perfect. No cellulite, no gross marks, no saggyness...just pure perfection - I know you'd love to see it bounce in your face, you'd love to be able to touch it and carress it. Keep dreaming, it won't happen but I'll let you fantasize about it all damn day if you want. The tease and cock torture is such a thrill to me. I know that you're in awe over my big booty, so do yourself a favour and worship it.

At nineteen years old I have a complete hold on you, I can turn you into a cuck with a snap of my fingers, I can make you a cum eating slut with just one simple command. What can't I do? nothing. I am GOD.

I'm one of the HOTTEST and most enticing girls you'll come across on Niteflirt, I know what I'm doing and I do it welll without failure. If you manage to get a hold of me on my line, you're in for a lifetime of mind fuckery and mental torture. You'll find the only way you'll be happy is after you've paid me, after you've given me everything you've made for the week.  Nothing is off limits with me, I will grab ahold of your mind and pull you into another dimension with or without your consent. 

You. Will. Love. Every Second. Of It.

Call me, see what you've been missing all these years.

twitter @dominakylie


Can you really resist me? how can you say no to these godly tits? those perfect puffy lips and angel eyes. Keep staring at my photos, keep staring at all my beautiful content. Slowly but surely you'll fall under my spell. That's a promise. I look SO good in that cash catsuit, it's so fitting for me, isn't it? you can almost imagine all your money being sewn into one garmet for me to wear and show off amongst all my girlfriends. 

Now, this is where you finally completely submit to me. Where you completley lose it all, your mind, your faith in your sanity. It's all going to be gone soon enough. Nobody can help you now. You're a helpless little loser trapped inside my web - controlled by a young teen girls a$$.