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I’ve never really been the boring type. We all know those kind of girls...only want sex once a month, in the same old positions, in the same damn room, and in the same old house. I’d die of boredom with a sex life like that! Why just eat chicken and peas off of a dining room table when you can eat a nice hot helping of pussy soup? I’ve always been a bit...Frisky with a personality to match! Hey there stud, I’m Minnie. Of course it's not my real name, but I will share that part of me with you...If you play your COCKS right…. (Get it? Cards...Cocks...Sounds kind of the same right? LOL) I may be a married “MILF,” but I have not lost my charm, flirtatious and girlish ways. I’ve always loved being a bit naughtier than I should. It's always fun to fuck the hubby, and then come flirt with you and countless other men. I just can't help myself. My husband knows just how I am. He thinks he can fuck the flirt out of me, but he can't...and he knows it… (Whether he will admit it or not). He knows I still want more...I still want BIGGER! What else can you possible expect? I’m from Texas! And the saying is 1000% true- Everything is MUCH bigger here. Including the sex drive of a housewife.Now don’t get me wrong, my husband loves that I am kinky; he pretty much lets me have my way. Our sex life is wonderful. He is great in bed when he is actually around. He knows he works too much for a woman like me. After many heated arguments. We made a deal. He agreed to let me chat in kinky chat rooms to take off the edge. He also agreed not to snoop around on me. At first I started out in some pretty cool chat rooms. It was fun. I got off...but then one of my cyber boyfriends told me about NF… I know what you’re thinking...That I agreed to chat ONLY But technically I am only “chatting” here right? ;)

I guess that’s another thing about me: I always seem to bend the rules somehow. Are you willing to help me bend them? Are you willing to color outside of the lines and get wild? You can tell by my new haircut that I am! I am so ready to play, explore and see what my limits really are. I love long combos where we are getting intimately naughty with one another. I am a wife, so I know how to listen and make you feel really...manly. The deal is you must make me feel womanly in return...Or I can make you feel more womanly than you ever have before...If you know what I mean.(wink) I have an array of skills that I want to put to use like: Cucking...GFE...Forced Bi- JOI-Mutual Masturbation- Hot Role Plays and then some! (I learned all this lingo in the chat rooms by the way LOL) So, go ahead and Give Minnie a Ring…So we can start our brand new flirtship! With Kisses- Minnie