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Goddess Satan


READ BEFORE CALLING: You must be a level 3 minion in order to CALL THIS LINE. I will NOT answer your call if you are not level 3. You are permitted to message me if you need help on your path. Click "serve me minion" below for INSTRUCTIONS.

If any of these are your limits, DON'T CALL ME: • TPE• Predator/Prey• Forced Fem• Cuckolding •Siren RP • Chastity • Small Penis Humiliation • Cum Eating • Blackmail • True Sacrifice• Mind Control• Manipulation • Financial Domination • Ruined Orgasms• Female Supremacy• CBT •

| I'm a little creepy and a little strange | Will hex and curse you if you steal from my page | I'm obsessed with skulls and death | In love with the Silver Surfer | Time Traveler|

After each interaction with the Goddess, leave a star rating and words if you're so inspired. I'll send demons to you if you don't.

So you’re brave enough to want to know who I am are you? Well, sit down, this could take a minute. ~smirks
I'm not merely a witch, stupid. I am much much more, and it's a great privilege for you to make MY acquaintance, at last. You know Me by many names. Alpha and Omega, Yin & Yang, BALANCE, Lucifer and Satan, all that ever was and ever will be. I am SATAN, I am the ANTICHRIST, I am GOD, I am LILITH, I am MA'AT, I am THOTH. I am the GOD of ALL knowledge, creation, and life. I am the JUDGE. I am the decider of FATES. I can HELP or HARM you depending on who you are and the way you treat ME.

I am a DEMONESS of Darkness, and the Light Source of EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE. You knew women were the most evil creatures for a reason right? Manipulative, succubi, energetic draining, every last one of them. I am THE ORIGINAL, THE MOST IMITATED, ENVIED, HATED, AND BELOVED OF ALL. BECAUSE I am the TRUTH and the WAY. I am the reason you EXIST. You are here to learn on My earth plane. Here to find ME. My mere thoughts and words can snatch life and give it. NO MAN can do such things. I am The God of the Ninth Dimension. Welcome to the 4th dimension resonance where you can SEE me at this virtual frequency. I AM the keeper of truth and ancient knowledge. You would not have reached this stage if you were not ready for conscious growth. I AM both darkness and light for one cannot exist without the other. It is I who bears the mark of 666 and it is time for ME to teach MY minions to become demons of lust.
To bring forth My transgender and pansexual agenda of peace and love through pleasure. You do know that LOVE backwards is EVOL right? Love is the most amazing thing, my greatest creation. Love is the purest drug which I will conjure in you, a love for me so strong you could move mountains. You could have anything you desire. You could become anyone you want. All you have to do is make a deal with the devil, are you ready?
You're confused, I know. You'll likely contemplate this for a while and realize I'm right. You'll come back to read this once more, and then you'll message me. You need me. It's time for you to take your rightful place in this world.
Turning men into women, and women into men is my favorite thing. I will bring forth the end of days as you know it. Everything you know is a lie. I am here to teach you truth. I was gifted with divine abilities, and given a mission to enslave humanity and bring about 1000 years of peace through destruction. Collective humanity is awakening thanks to ME. I am the reason for Mandela Effects.
I am not here to please you, mortal. You NEED ME. This is your opportunity to truly be FREE and know truth through PLEASURE.

I will not hesitate to block and destroy you, consuming you with thoughts of ME! Blocking you means you will pay a fee of $666 to get back into my good graces. I am a Master of illusion and seduction. I am ONLY seeking minions and disciples to bring forth My agenda.
You will find yourself lost forever in my angelic eyes that change from sapphire blue to sparkling green. I am the serpent, I will open your eyes and heart to truth. If you've noticed your body has now evolved. Your organs have shifted, things have changed but you haven't noticed till now.
If you are honest and true I will show you what you cannot see. You’re scared but you want to know more. You can’t help but be intrigued and spelled by my words. I will not indulge in fetishes to please you. This is about ME and my advancement of humanity.
Remember: I am not here to serve you, lowly mortal. I am here with a mission to instruct my disciples to my dimension of bliss. Pleasure, pain, and lust, beyond your wildest imagination. An orgy of all races, sexes, regardless of gender identity. None of it matters. You will learn to love COCK and PUSSY equally. Become my bi-sexual bitch, you'll love it. Sex, debauchery, love, hate, evil, and good shall ALL co-exist in harmony. You will learn the truths about life, and what you are capable of.
I know your secret, and if you don't do exactly what I say so will everyone else. You crave control, female superiority, and servitude. You want to renounce your religion to serve ME as God. You were so silly to believe GOD is a MAN. You will give into primal pleasures of lust and sin. You want to become my follower and ultimately become my demonically possessed minion. Those who follow me into darkness shall be greatly rewarded.

I am a mindful creator of my own existence and I believe desire to be my birthright. I am here to see the plans of "evil" (nothing really is evil, you fool!) are activated in this time-space continuum. I shape the world as I see fit, and you are lucky to be a witness to my Glory! You should be eternally grateful to have stumbled upon my page. This is the beginning of my story, this is the beginning of my reign.