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Insatiable, gushing cunt, home alone, w ASSets ;)

"I'm a soul bearing, sensual, sexual, woman."


Took me a while to become comfortable w my big butt, but apparently many love and adore it (including sadists!) so.... by all means ;)

I am an INTENSE, attentive lover, and like to go for days on end. I require those who love in the same manner, selfish egos need not apply. I truly am INSATIABLE and while I tend to find myself attracted to older women, I am open to younger too. Identified as lesbian `til 28 but these days I am finding myself more and more attracted to men, though I am selective about whom I engage with. In my experience, men who have been with other men tend to be more open and tuned in as lovers. I have thoroughly enjoyed giving pegging experiences, and found doing so can result in me GUSHING!!! Presence and connection are imperative, I like to be, and be with, an engaged lover(s). I think it's important to be reciprocal in relations. Sensuality and connection are vital factors for me, intimacy is an energetic exchange so being present and engaged is CRITICAL TO EXCITEMENT. I like to take my time and explore, potentially stretch boundaries, with loving respect. Female ejaculation is likely my most enjoyable state to be in. It is a spiritual, energetic, and meditative experience for me. Every drop is a physical manifestation of my love for you. Come, let's make PUDDLES together... ;)

I have officially been collared by Lady Seraphina. Such an honour. Happy to say I am here for your enjoyment with Her blessing.

As my name indicates, I am insatiable. This is not a joke. I am yet to meet any lover(s) w equal sexual energy. I literally exhaust everyone, and still want more!! Think you can keep up? lol You can try!

Alternatively, FUCK SKYPE!!!

Think you can keep up? lol You can try! Call me...

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I love to tease and play w sensations using everything from floggers to fire cups, various clamps, wax, belts, corsets, cuffs, and rope or whatever household turned kinky things come to hand. My collection is ever growing but if you'd like to add to it, please do check out my...

"The more sensitive we are to pain, the more sensitive we are to pleasure. Perhaps this is why there is often such a fine line between the two." Lynette Simeone.

Note: My Skype ID is only for use on my Phone With Cam listing and is offered for sale to ensure I am ready to start Skype as soon as you call my listing. You are NOT required to purchase it before calling my Cam with Phone lines, but it does expedite the process to have it in advance. I will only respond to messages there if you are on a call with me. If you would like to chat, please use the Mail option instead.
Much love.