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Hannah Brat

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Hey there... I'm Hannah and I get horny...alot. I am just like any other college girl...I love to take nice stiff cock of all colors...but that is only after they EARN their place inside my warm sugary walls. Earn: meaning giving Hannah her way at all times. I think my favorite word of all time is "YES". Being told "NO" makes me want to Hurl! So it's best I never hear it. I mean look at the reward for giving me my way...You get to not only talk to me and hear my sexy voice..but you may even get to cum with me...if I am feeling generous of course LOL It has always been easy to get a YES out of everyone from the servers at Applebee's to my college professors. Sure, I am just a freshman but I get...senior treatment...if you know what I mean... I guess that's why I can be a little bratty every now and then. But isn't that the way it is supposed to be? Shouldn't a hottie like me have everything she wants? Even if that's your and emotion? I don't have to sell you on giving me those things now do I?

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You already want to because you have never had a smart, young, hot, sexy, sweet Blondie like me on your arm or...on the other end of the phone for that matter...Or maybe you you know having a young girl like me on your arm is a sweet treat you just cannot live without. So of course you will do what I want when you see my signature pouty mouth...or my perky tits. Both are irresistible but I think you would rather the tits right?...Well they might not be double D's but they are enough to make you weak for me. already are...aren't you? Admit it, you came to NiteFlirt looking for some Bratty Phone Sex...Well you found the best in FlirtsVille!

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