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A Redheaded Princess

Young. Dominant. I don't care about your cock.

A lot of you are so fooled by my pretty big blue eyes and innocent face lol! Don't you want to fall prey to them?

Hi pet. My name is Princess Lizzie. Now I know I don't look like your typical "Princess". For starters I'm a natural red head, not a fake bleached blonde. My breasts are real. My body is luscious. I have my own tastes and interests in domination. I'm back on Niteflirt to have fun as I'm currently taking a break from school. Switching majors(to Film/Video), so while I'm on break doing some experimental film stuff I'm here owning you and your cock. I can tell you I enjoy owning your cock. I can get you to do just about anything. Hmmm teasing you, deliciously raising my rate to slip my (heh heh) into your head and or wallet. Sissies? I adore the pastel and petticoat type of whirly twirly girly sissies! Read on for more of my interests here:

Listening to pink floyd...the scare crow, the gnome, the gnome, Julia dream, and the ever disturbing vegetable man. Also listening to "Riverman" by Nick Drake. .

Tease and denial- Look at how I look at you when I catch you! I catch you staring at my cleavage...hmmm what shall I do to you? Twist your nipple? Make you jerk off in the most humiliating of ways...only to ruin it! MuuhuuwaaaHaHaHa (my evil laugh). Awe you gettin' all hot and bothered? Lol, SO?

Spanking-Spankings-I literally have dozens of positions I wanna put you in. If you don't have a paddle, oh I know you'll be able to improvise. Have a brush? Plastic or my preferred wood. Shall I drape you over your sofa's plushy thick arm rest? Toss you over my lap? We shall see.

Intox-PaRtY supplies? Poppers, my beauty, alcohol and other FUN stuff! Tis the season for celebrating, snow *and booze lol!*

Sissies-The boys who LOVE silly frilly whirly twirly things. Imagine only eating sissy foods, and wearing sissy clothes, and smelling like a sissy. Just look at my wishlist for inspiration and gifting!

Forced Bi-"Forcing" you to do something you already have the deviant proclivities for hardly seems like forcing. Let's turn you gay, get you off the streets so you stop wasting a woman's time by pretending to be straight. I like boys who come with accessories, feel me? I want you to know what it feel likes feel entered by me.

Role playing-You know you're role but perhaps you too like me have scenarios, fantasies you play out in your mind. Perhaps I'll even play with your...mind lol.

Yes, I am a Sadist.

To answer A LOT of your questions I'm some stuff to film with,micr .