Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Far too intimidated to talk to me? Lack the social skills to approach a woman of my caliber? Or maybe you're that special kind of loser who doesn't even deserve to pay for my attention? Then this line is for you. This is an IGNORE line. When you call you get to listen in on whatever I happen to be doing at that moment, but don't expect any kind of attention or acknowledgement. You are to keep your mouth SHUT and your wallet spread wideee OPEN. This is a line to ignore losers like you all day while I continue to live my perfect life. Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll pick up to laugh at and taunt you for being so fucking pathetic. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll just throw my phone in my bag and go about my business. I could be getting fucked, making dinner, shopping, watching films, and you'll sit there like a fly on the wall while all of your money goes right to me. That's right little bitch, I am here to give your pathetic life some purpose, I will give you direction. You've been wandering this planet like a zombie, seeking someone that can keep you under control. Someone to teach you your place. And then here I am, a perfect goddess to show you the right path. I am here to show you your purpose and your purpose is to surrender everything you are and everything he you have to me. Remember: YOU need me. I don't need anything or anyone as I AM everything. I am God Vala: handcrafted by the highest beings and placed on this terrestrial planet to dominate and train weak bitches to learn their place in this life. I am bratty. I am demanding. I am greedy. I am bitchy. I am your greatest obsession and your holy avenue. Your greatest fear and biggest turn on. Being used by me is a blessing, call and see for yourself.