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i am a cat on her ninth and final life.

my love for the humanities tempers my frustration with Humanity. experientially, i admit that there is still much of life i haven't tried; new adventures that still await. however, my interior/emotional life is a passport that has been filled with stamps, nearly every last square inch. i'm not exclusively jaded or cynical, but not a naive, wide-eyed, childlike fool, either.

i have little patience for nonsense. to clarify: i am creative, imaginative and somewhat quirky in my fearless expressivity, but when it comes to relationship drama and interpersonal BS, i do not suffer fools gladly.

my preferred disciples are confident and secure, yet know their fucking place. it takes a brave and intrepid soul to develop a strong rapport with me.

arrogance and entitlement are anathema to me. most of the men who approach me seem to believe that their wealth automatically renders them more attractive, to such a ridiculously inflated degree that they feel entitled to behave like jackasses with no sense of personal accountability or aspiration to even superficially resemble decent human beings.

they act like all they have to do is jangle the spare change in their pockets or wave a few bills in front of my nose, and i'll jump up and come running, tail wagging and tongue salivating. truth is, no amount of fiscal abundance can make up for a man's poverty of character. neither my respect nor my affection can be bought so cheaply.

i know my worth and my rarity as an individual, and that intimidates men to a ridiculous and embarrassing degree.

nothing has the ability to reduce men to the emotional toddlers that they are like a confident, intelligent woman who owns and embraces her intellectual, emotional, spiritual and sexual power. you should see some of the messages i receive from infantile man-babies who lash out at me with their frail, butthurt egos without even having the decency to engage in productive, adult conversation.

then again, nothing really surprises me anymore.

i know i am not everyone's cup of tea. i am not young, bubbly, sweet, or cute . . .

. . . and yet i AM. i am ALL of those things. scintillating. effervescent. adorable.

it's just that all of those things lie beneath the surface . . . and it's perfectly appropriate and fine that those characteristics remain hidden. it's like a litmus test. Social Media Darwinism, i call it.

i am an acquired taste, suitable for only the most refined palates.

some may suggest that that "limits my success" when it comes to attracting potential disciples.

however, i find the luxury of not having my time wasted by boring, egotistical scumbags to be a "success" in itself.

. . . do you have what it takes to impress me?