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Fiona Flash

Ignore line~ listen in while I go about my day

Fiona Flash

YOU! Yes, YOU! The guy with the finger on the mouse or thumb moving up and down the screen of your phone with the need to submit and the puffy wallet...

Ask yourself these questions... Why did you click on my photo when you could have picked a less hot girl with much lower standards? Why did you pick THIS listing vs the other ones with a much lower rate?

I’ll let you think while I twirl my hair with my pretty manicured finger and laugh to myself..... (Tick toc tick toc)

Okay, times up loser!

You picked Fiona because you have a sick need to SERVE and to be drained dry by the hottest girl on planet Earth. Go ahead piggy...admit it! You KNOW who your money belongs to...and it’s not YOU... or your lame wife...ha-ha! It's FIONA. Yea, the girl whose listing you are reading right now. Fiona, Fiona, Fiona! (LOL) It’s all about Fiona. It’s been this way my entire life! Why would it end now??

I learned a long time ago that having my perfect looks, my perfect personality, and my irresistible way with words that I am ENTITLED to get anything my cute little heart desires...

And guess what Banky Boy…My cute little heart tits, pussy, and ass desires what’s in YOUR WALLET...and what’s in your head! Nothing makes my pussy wetter than being a manipulative spoiled brat and having you fall for my tricks… Time After Time Again… Long call after long call... Tribute after Tribute! I want to call and spill it all! Call me ready to talk to Fiona about your life and how you ended up PAYING to talk to Goddesses you know you can't have on NF. I will be our little long as you play by Fiona's rules.

It's so easy to get my way with you, and that's what I love about it. Fiona does not believe in working hard for anything, especially money. That's what YOU do! You go work hard at your job while I work hard staying awake after my massage at the spa.

Get it?

I'm everything you've always wanted, and you know it. You also know that can't come without a price.

And that price is your time, loyalty, and money. You live to be blackmailed by me... you love the uncertainty of not knowing when I'll decide to blow your cover and let all of your friends know how pathetic you are.

I am so freaky excited about using you; I can’t hardly think straight! I haven’t been this excited since my first day in college! Speaking of college, this tuition is not going to pay itself. And you know a girl like me needs her education right? Of course you do... I want you to call me now... I may be a "young college girl “but I am no will see just how NOT dumb I am the minute I get on the phone with you...

Expect to stay a while... I’m the type that likes to stalk my prey.... Call me with an open mind...and an open WALLET!

With LAUGHTER, Fiona.

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