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Are you a good student or a bad student? +

I have worked as a dominatrix for over ten years. I have been in academia a while too.

Yes, I am really a teacher.

I’m in my office and I have a HD webcam.

Maybe I will read to you since you obviously didn’t do this weeks reading.

Maybe I will give you a pop quiz.

Do you know much about Sex? Gender Theory? Queer Theory? Fetishes? Linguists? Legal Policy? Sociology? The History of Hip-Hop? Youth Culture? Comedic Theater? Science Fiction? Postmodernism? Ethnomethodology?

Do you know much of anything at all?


I don’t care if you went to yet another frat party and drank too much or if the dog ate your homework. It is all the same pathetic excuse to me. You come in here whining about your little academic troubles – oh poor you. You can’t seem to get your GRE or LSAT score high enough, poor baby.

You want to do your homework in my office for some private study time? Well you will have to do it on the floor. If I see you peeking up my skirt I might kick you in the face.


Maybe you just need to be reassured that you will pass my course. Given your performance this semester you might need to do some extra credit if you actually intend to pass. Turn your camera on, let me see you doing pathetic things to amuse teacher.

Are you a good student or a bad student?

Don’t make me get the ruler out to punish you for your clear lack of intellectual capacity.

Good students are rewarded; bad students sit in the corner with the dunce cap on.



Call me and be prepared to tribute me for my Cam-ID.

I’m busy editing three books. Don’t waste my time emailing me whiny little questions. There are other students who wish to see me during office hours.