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Esoteric, Spiritual, Supernatural, Metaphysical...

Highly intuitive, conscious, confident, vegan, British woman!

Open-minded and easy to talk to about 'weird, woo-woo stuff'!

Call this line if you want a non-sexual, alternative, exploration of this life and far beyond...

Do you share an interest in any of my favourite topics?

Fantasy - Super-Heroine (esp. Wonder Woman!), superpowers, vampires, cosplay, role play...

Goddess Worship - female deities, female supremacy, matriarchy, Amazonian women, Ancient Roman/ Greek/ Egyptian/ Norse/ Pagan Goddesses, Priestesses and Queens; myth, magic, mysticism and legend...

Alternative -1) bizarre, niche, unusual fetishes: ie. giantess or Queen and Her eunuchs;
2) alt. lifestyle: vegan, fruitarian/ breatharian/ pranayama, yoga, tantra, tai chi, qi gong;
3) alt. lifestyle: asexuality, abstinence, chastity, chaste living, no fap, cuckold, female-led relationship (flr)...

Esoteric/ Metaphysical - spiritual, sacred geometry, reiki and other healing modalities, past life regression, reincarnation, karma, the twelve spiritual laws of the universe (including the law of attraction), meditation, visualisation, quantum jumping, astral travel, akashic records, remote viewing, esp, psychic, super-consciousness, quantum physics theories...

Supernatural - extra-terrestrials/ aliens, ufo/ craft, crop circles, alternate/ parallel realities, higher dimensions, avatars, archangels, ascended masters... And more!

If you consider yourself 'sapiosexual', please refrain from calling me! I have very little interest in well-read people who can articulate philosophers' and scientists' theories and quotes, or who achieved a certain level of education and status.

Also, your ability to pose well-thought-out (open-ended) questions and debate, does not prove your intelligence to me.

I am only looking for individuals who are - to a certain level - AWARE, AWAKE and CONSCIOUS.

I am interested in people (= seekers) who have actually some of experienced the things above, and can converse on a personal level.

Finally, as if this wasn't already clear, this is not an opportunity for me to analyse your particular kinks and/ or fetishes!!

Please don't call or email me to ask: "what does X on your listing mean?". Kindly use a search engine for that!

Call when you have enough first-hand experience, knowledge and interest to be able to discuss these topics at length (with true understanding), and actually add something to the conversation!

***Also note that this is NOT a psychic hotline!***

I love long chats, as these are deep topics, so please prepare to spend at least 20 minutes discussing with me.

I'm usually available daytimes from 5am EST, and sometimes from midnight EST on weekends.