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A Life Dedicated to Financial Service of Me

I do nothing all day, but make myself available to slaves/submissives who've made themselves worthy by paying tribute to me, or making themselves useful to me in the way of special talents, education or entertainment. There are plenty of ways a person can find cheap thrills, you're encouraged to find them. The world is you oyster as they. Being with me is not cheap, but it is very thrilling and I am very lovely to behold. If you think you are ready to rise up and accept certain challenges, then please RESPECTFULLY send me a letter, I'll be sure to get it and respond in a timely manner. Patience is a virtue! I do have a web site that I will be happy to share with you once you've messaged me. What I am looking for is more then just money, as I said I dominate full time, it is my job. At the heart and soul of me though I am just like every other; Domme, Mistress, Vixen, Goddess and Woman. I want your loyalty. I want your commitment to me. I want your service to be perfectly given to me. I want your heart in the palm in my hand. Where financial servitude comes into play with all this is, that it is another form of control, power, and sacrifice. Financial domination has never been about how many gifts one can accumulate or how spoiled one can be, that is just a perk to the submission and sacrifice on the submissive's part to their Domme. Its all about the power and control. I'm not here to rob you or take advantage of you...unless you really want me to, in which case you would have to ask very nicely. In my dominion you will know the euphoria of service and suffering as you become an instrument of my amusement. I am fire and ice. The flames of passion tempered by the icy hand of discipline. Kindness and cruelty that will bring you willingly to your knees.