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Learn Your Place ~ Goddess Worship

Hello My little pet. Yes, I said “My”. And you are; “Mine” that is. Without even knowing it, you’ve stumbled into my little web - into my trap. My nails have already pierced your skin, draining you of your power to escape me, to escape these dark feelings you have for me - the feelings I’ll expose for my own pleasure.

Oh, but you don’t really want to run away.


You want this soft, tight little body and the secrets it holds. You want to feel yourself sink further into the depths of all my fiendish desires.

I own you. I will Always own you. And you will feel blessed to be owned. You can’t have Me because you are already Mine. Your mind. Your body. Your spirit.

I can crush you with my words. And I will.

I can torment your body. And I will.

I can break your sanity. And I will.

And you will be thankful. “Thank you, Goddess,” will be the hymn you whisper in the darkness of your bliss. “My Lady Aurora,” will be the moan you offer as your body convulses from the power of your ecstasy.

And yet, you are Nothing to me. Nothing but entertainment, a way to stem boredom. You were made to serve me, and it will be the highest joy you could receive. You are my plaything; a toy to enjoy and abandon as I will. You serve My pleasure and I will make you dance at the tips of my fingers, forever wanting more of me. You are so lucky to serve me. I give your pathetic little life meaning and joy. But you, my dear pet, are expendable. I don’t need your cock. I don’t need your money. I don’t need you. But all of it, all of you, belong to me and you will give me all of it, all of you, freely.

I don’t NEED to bark orders at you and sling whips against you. I don’t even need to raise my voice at you. But you WILL feel the weight of my power over you. Make this easy for yourself and offer yourself up to me on a polished silver platter.

Submit to me and live in euphoric bliss.

Yes, I look like a sweet, little Princess. But make no mistake, I am a Divine QUEEN.

Some of the games I enjoy playing include (but never limited to): Torturous Tease & Denial, Orgasm Denial, Jerk Off Instruction, Cum Eating Instruction, Body Worship, Servitude Hypnosis, Gay/Bisexual Fantasy, Slave Training (Not Available), Humiliation.