Phone Sex

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We both know that you're a worthless little loser who isn't worthy of attention. Throughout your life, you've experienced time and time again the fact that Women in general want little to nothing to do with you. I'm different. I want something to do with you- or more specifically, something to do with "your" hard-earned cash. Call Me and maybe you'll end up hearing little snippets of Me living My daily Goddess life, A cough there, a rustle here, is more than you deserve. Hearing My movements in your ear like a seductive whisper for the sexually inexperienced glutton for humiliation is the most you can hope for. you know you cant talk to Me like a normal person. your voice will shake. you'll say something stupid. Nobody really wants to hear the incessant noisiness gargling out of your mouth like word vomit- so be an obedient boy and call Me to empty your wallet while I refuse to acknowledge your existence. you're most comfortable in the shadows anyways. Maybe you can play a little game with yourself and see how long you can shell out cash like a selfless slave with nothing in return. Admit it to yourself, you love being ignored by Superior Women like Myself, especially Me. After the call, I expect a thank you note for ignoring your pathetic presence completely.