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I bet you want to see my nightie and stockings!

You see me in a bar, and I find you starring at my stockings! You look away, knowing that you have just been caught! I walk over to you and I say, were you looking at my stockings? You with a nervous twitch say No I wouldn't do that. I said but yes I think you did, I would like for you to finish your drink and your coming home with me. You say, to fool around, I laugh and say...if that's what you want to think lol I get you back to my place... you tell me I have a nice place.... I then tell you to strip your clothes off, you say....I'm sorry I will just leave and never look at your stockings again! I laugh and I say ohhh noo you don't get off that easy! Your going to be taught a lesson! So I tell you to go over to the closet and open it up and tell me what you see.... It's a closet full of women's clothes. Panties, bras, thigh highs, wigs, makeup, nighties! I tell you to pick your size and to come out in front of me and put everything say I'm a guy, I'm not a girl! I say.... your whatever I want you to be! Now I want you to tell me how the rest of the story goes, hehehhehehe!!!!! Tell me what your going to do next!