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What role do you want me to play?

Cera So Horny...

Hey. I’m Cera. I just turned 19 and I am extra amped about talking to you.
Guys usually like me because I’m “exotic” or whatever. (I’m mixed with Chinese and Black.) They think that I’m this shy little Asian girl who doesn’t know anything about sex. LMFAO!!! Most guys freak out when they find out how horny I am all the time. In a lotta ways, I guess you could say I’m typical for an Asian girl… I SEEM quiet and submissive and “proper”, ( I can be though for the right Dom). I am even a little nerdy, but fuck that shit, there is a side of me that would rather be somewhere with a stiff dick inside me… I guess I get that from my Black side.
I love to fuck. Getting my puffy pussy pounded stays on my mind. I don’t even care by who. I’ve fucked total strangers, friends, friends’ boyfriends… it doesn’t matter. All I know is I crave hard cock deep inside me. I know I should be focused on school, but it’s so hard to concentrate while I’m staring at my professor’s cock print. Fantasies and memories of all of my holes being filled at the same time are constantly running through my head. I don’t even know why I wear panties anymore, because some guy is always pulling them off.
I can’t stand the word “No.” For me, being a good girl means always saying yes to cock. And I LOVE saying yes… So, now you know what I want, right? I want you to tell me all the dirty ways your filthy mind can think of to fuck me. Use me. Make me your little exotic, mixed-race slut. I’m the best of both worlds; I’m submissive like an Asian girl and I’m sassy like a Black girl. I’m thick in all the right places, and sure to rock your fuckin’ world.
I’m like drugs; I wanna get you hooked. Whatever you want to talk about, whatever you want to do, my answer is yes. We can be as wild and creative as you want. Don’t let my cute face fool you. I can handle whatever you bring. Call me and show how me freaky you can be. Who knows? Maybe I can be the one who steals you from your wife. .