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Toby Dick

Dominant UK Businessman to treat you harshly.

About me and our time together

I am a highly successful businessman from the UK.

You will find that I always get what I want as I use highly tuned Neuron-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) techniques to read an influence everyone that I meet.

I am well spoken, highly educated and I make for a demanding master.

I trust that you shall be the play-thing that I expect you will.

Call me now so that I may begin leading you on a journey into submission, depravity and the exquisite pleasure they will bring to both of us.

Prepare yourself to submit to my will. To stretch your boundaries and experience control like never before.

My guidance and commands will bring you to the brink of ecstasy and crush you into a weeping mess, ready to be used again and again.

Over time, I will tailor our time together into a bespoke programme of degradation, humiliation, sexual exploration and torture. You will be physically and mentally broken. Then remoulded in the image I choose for you.

Ideal for women and girls:

in need of a strong master and hand;

considered bitchy, looking who need to be taught a lesson;

who are strong but need to be broken;

who are weak and desire a strong hand;

with depraved fantasies, craving a safe space to explore them;

unable to orgasm without extreme mental stimulation desiring danger; and

who are disobedient sluts, craving cock in their fuckholes;

I do not waste time. Time is money and both are important to me. From the moment our call begins you will be expected to submit and obey. I will brutally attack your character until you question the very reason you exist. From there I will teach you how to live your life in servitude and ecstasy.

Do not call if you:

are simply looking for a friend;

are not ready to be physically and verbally abused for my pleasure; or;

cannot commit your body and mind to me completely.

For clarity, I do not care for you. When you call it is for my pleasure, not yours. I do not tolerate fools and will terminate calls if you are not ready or capable of meeting my demands.

What you will find when you call

verbal abuse;

humiliating orders;


orgasm denial;


dizzying pleasure;

breath play;


all manner of sexual exploitation;

psychological exploration; and;

a range of experiences just for you.

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