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Discover Your Deeper Desires With Masculine Dom

Allow yourself to tempt and tease your mind and body for a moment. Open your mind for one moment, and take a step into my world... A world where you surrender control as you are led through a journey -- a journey where you will learn about the deeper side in you... driven by your desires... your fantasies... you unrealized being... THE REAL YOU. When I take you into my domain, you’ll feel energy, excitement and a range of emotions. Your imagination will be stirred and stretched with new ideas. I will delve into your thoughts and pick you apart one piece at a time. You will find my voice your calming guide, and my touch with equal expression. It is a journey you will embark on with me, where I take you to delightful heights of mind and body - perhaps one or many you have never experienced before. You may be restrained, humiliated, overwhelmed by strong sensations, or whatever suits the situation. That does not matter. Those are simply activities used to reach our destination. Your destination is self-discovery, and your physical and mental states in my hand matter most. On this journey you may surrender… letting go to experiences like never before... with excitement, intensity, emotional reach and soul searching substance that will make you crave more. Your time with me, your Dominant will be about connection and ebb and flow with my sadistic pleasure. It is playful, yet serious. It is a dance of deviousness and expression. It is art. Equally, it will be cathartic and relieving - satisfyingly therapeutic. It is acceptance - your acceptance: freed to accept who you are, your urges, and what you desire deeper down. It will change you, and make you grow. That is expected of you. Your fantasy may be that with a boss, captor, commander, doctor, torturer, or executioner, and in my presence you may bring that to flesh. I am your night teacher, love preacher, pain giver, joy seeker, toy deliverer, pleasure maker, fear creator, care taker, and more. I will be your image of authority, and I will put you in your place as needed. I will push you, challenge you, punish you, praise you, and allow you to please me as I desire. At my hand, you will learn that I am real... a real Dominant... a real sadist... a master of many things. I am a different world where you will find sanctuary, where you will come to call home. Now step into my sacred space.