Phone Sex

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It’s Klea here, and I am not your lonely housewife here to complain about her workaholic husband. Quite the opposite. My husband is always around…and that’sthe problem.Now when I say always, I mean more than I would like. We got married young (right after I got my tongue pierced). And I am realizing that “until death do us part” is going to come a lot sooner for me than we both expected… if I don't experience something other than the same touches...licks...and hands very soon.If I died today, the Cause of death would say “Same Cock Syndrome. Klea Died of Boredom.”My friends are always complaining about how much little attention they get from their husbands.I listen and act really understanding. I can’t be truly honest with them because theyknow my hubby. They don’t just know him; they love him…Everyone does. I am included in that bunch, but sometimes I wish we gave me a lot LESS cuddles and kisses.I know I am sounding like a complete bitch… (Maybe that’s what I am), but I could use some breathing room. That’s why I am spread my legs and BREATHE!It’s funny how so much time and attention from hubby has made me really curious about what someone else has to offer.That’s where you come in.What do you have to offer?At this point, I am up for anything as long as it’s something different and exciting.I am an extremely adventurous person. I like to take risks and see how far I can push things...Those things include you and your limits as well.But I can’t help but wonder... How far can my mind asshole and pussy stretch for you?I am so fucking ready to find out!There is one thing I know for sure...It’s been a secret of mine for some time now...Not even hubby knows this, but I will share it with you...Ready??I have always wanted to be a porn star. But not just any porn star...the Dominate kind. The kind that has slaves licking her boots…and ass.I have a thing for being in control. That’s what my joining NF is all about...But at the same time I crave to be ravished by a big hard cock or three…Seems complicated I'm sure… lol. But that’s what happens when you feel like two different people trapped in one body. That’s why I had to give this a try. Maybe all of my itches will get scratched on here…That’s why I am so intrigued by being on phone sex. I get to be someone different with each call. I don't have to choose one identity and stick to it for life.I feel like that’s what I did when I said ‘I do.’Again, I love my hubby, but if I don't venture out in some way I will explode.Good thing I have you to explode and explore with.Do you want to do that? Escape, explore and explode with me?I know that if you are reading this right now...the answer is YES.I want long conversations about stuff I have never done before. I am open to learn a thing or two while I cum like crazy. Just thinking about playing a part in so many naughty fantasies really makes me want to go find my favorite dildo right now and go to town on my cunt.But don't worry baby...I’ll wait on you for that (wink).But Waiting for long is going to be hard as anxious as I am. So, do what you already want to me. Let’s get this Kink fest on the road.