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Topics I include (I'm willing to do more, these are just the prompts I'm thinking of right this moment. If you're into something not listed just ask me if it's something I'd be willing to do!)

I'm home all alone, it's dark and the phone rings. There's a man that I don't know on the other end, he starts describing what I'm wearing and doing. I realize he can see me. I don't know what to do, I'm so scared... What does he want? What should I do?

You've never done this before, at least that's what you tell me. You love your girlfriend/wife, but she just isn't providing for you sexually. You've seen me around but never thought I was the kind of girl that would talk to you, nor were you sure that this was even what you wanted. One day I caught you looking at me and I came over and invited you over to my house for later that night. You're at my house, getting ready to knock on the door and see where this night takes you...

I'm a college freshman and not really doing that well. I'm not making friends, sad being away from home, and my grades aren't that good. You're my professor and can see how sad and vulnerable I am. You tell me to come to your office after class to discuss how I can improve my grades. I'm scared, not really sure what you're wanting or what to expect. I show up to your office, you close the lock the door behind me, and I realize what this is all about. I reluctantly agree because I want to improve my grades, but I'm still scared and nervous. Will you be gentle, soothing my fears? Or will you grab me roughly, throw me down on the desk, and roughly thrust yourself in my trembling body?

I'm your therapist, you've been seeing me for a while. Confiding in me your deepest, darkest secrets. Normally I'm so good at this sort of thing, but with you, I can't even pay attention. I know you're talking but I'm not paying attention. I've been wanting this for so long, fantasizing about grabbing you, touching you, riding you on that couch you're always sitting on. I know you're married and I don't care. You claim to love your wife but I know I can get what I want. I know your secrets, I could ruin you, you will sleep with me.