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Justified Justina

REAL Hypnotist/Life Coach Here to Guide You

“When I fuck another man, it brings you great pleasure. Every time your cock gets hard you can’t help but think of me with a more well-endowed man. You cannot help it. Every time you try to get those thoughts out of your head your cock just gets harder and harder.

You are completely addicted to the taste of my freshly fucked cunt,” I said as I looked at my first husband slipping out of consciousness at the sound of my perfectly paced soothing voice. He had been caught, exposed, and now coaxed into remaining a cock craving cuck… “You do not need to rid yourself of thoughts of other need them in your need them in your your man pussy,” I said with my voice just above a whisper in his right ear. He wanted out. He came to his nurturing wife for assistance...and assistance I gave. He thought he needed “fixing,” but I thought he was perfect just the way he was. So, I convinced him to relax on your black leather couch and let his trustworthy wife heal him. He did not realize it, but he needed to accept his true nature...and I was there to make sure that was exactly what happened. It’s funny because at the time I did not realize the extent of my gift. I was just barely scratching the surface of my abilities.

That was over 20 years ago, and since then I have gotten deeper and deeper into the workings of the mind. I’m Justina, and I have been a highly addictive hypnotist, life coach, and counselor for a very long time. I pride myself on not being what I like to call a “Text Book Tammy.” In fact, I like to refer to myself as “Justified Justina.” Everything I do - no matter how uncouth, cruel, and unusual it may appear - is 100% justified.

Most of my expertise has come from real time experiences. I have never been afraid to experiment with various techniques to get the desired result. I think we can both admit that I know much more about what’s best for you than you do. If the contrary was true, why are you still reading this? Why are you even on NF...looking for an Erotic Hypnotist? There are many younger “hypnosis gals” on here...why did you pick the one with a little experience? Is it because you need to trust someone with that GRAND-maternal touch? That touch that oozes wisdom and comfort? I think you can tell by my photos that I am just like a bottle of incredibly aged wine...nothing leaves a taste sensation that is sensed on the back of the tongue like a 50+ year old bottle fresh off the rack...

Wouldn't you agree? Of course you would… So, now that we have the basics down…What may I do for you? Are you a low life whose existence needs relevance? Great - I have given many scum buckets purpose by allowing them to be of service to me… Something tells me you have no clue what to do with your money...that’s okay...neither do my barely legal boys I toy with. They all come to Justina to guide them as to who to give their money to… Do you need life coaching? I have changed countless lives by lending an ear and my version of heartfelt advice... Are you a bi-sexual crossdressing bimbo who is in desperate need of some serious “straightening up?” Well, luckily for you I do this daily with people in my real life. I must say that a cock sucking slut is one of my much excitement...don't you think? No matter what plagues you, I will whip you into shape. This isn't my first rodeo. I know just what to do...just how to plant whatever seeds into your mind… that humor and arouse me most… and make them grow expeditiously. All of my roots have hooks. They are unmovable...the more you tamper with them the more damage you cause… Don’t believe me? Ask all of my husbands….including the one I have now. Justina is your answer...your savior...your cure...your handler...your life! There is nothing or no one else you need… **

Note: You must set aside at least an hour before calling me. I am very thorough, and we must have ample time to explore your mind effectively.