Phone Sex

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IGNORE LINE! You wish you measured up.


Like a moth to a flame, you just couldn't help yourself, could you?

You're obsessed. Face the facts: a complete imbecile like yourself could never, ever get any REAL attention from someone like me. You're well accustomed to being ignored and sneered at by beautiful, superior women, aren't you? Might as well embrace it!

It's the ultimate humiliation!

We both know that for you, there's nothing quite like PAYING to have a gorgeous Alpha woman go about her business, offering you nothing other than perhaps the occasional condescending chuckle at your pleas for attention. At least you're getting SOMETHING from me, right? At the very least you get to put your money in my account and hear even just a few minutes of my awesome life!

There is not much that pleases me more than hearing you beg to be heard while you simply can't help but continue to helplessly listen into my life. Go ahead - show me your worth. Embrace your insignificance, dumbass.

I live a colourful and intense life. You'll never have any real part of it just might be lucky enough to listen in to me:
- fooling around with one of my several hot partners
- playing at a fetish party that you're NOT invited to
- partying at a sex club
- creating hot femdom content
- laughing with my friends about how sad you are for calling this line
- sleeping (LMAO loser!)

You know that all you've really got to offer me is some amusement and your money. This is where you belong, there is zero point in fighting your pathetic beta existence. Give me a call RIGHT MEOW and soak up some superiority.