Phone Sex

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☆ Sissy-training: hard&harsh. Begin your first steps into Feminization until you will become Moony Muis' total&complete BITCH.
☆ Ignoring-line: for the voyeur-lovers, watch a Perfect Princess live her life, drool over her perfect figure. You already know she is way too much, way out of your pathetic league.
☆ Financial Domination - Rinsing&more: Just hand over what is rightfully hers. She will never be truly satisfied, but you could at least try to please her. She will always ask for more with her sexy and manipulative voice.
☆ Forced-Intox: You're a pussy, we all know that. But will you handle Miss Muis' special cocktail?
☆ Smoking-Fetish: You wish you were the cigarette on Princess' perfect lips. But instead, you're just her human ashtray.
☆ Humiliation-Tasks: Amuse&entertain Princess with her fun tasks.
& much more...

Remember to thank Princess for the huge opportunity given and to be always kind and polite. Do not be pushy or you will be instantly blocked.