Phone Sex

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S a s s y   B i t c h

Ignore &  More Punishment Line

“I have a life and I’m going to live it!”



With all the sass I know I may appear to be your typical bitchy black woman, but I’m not. Honestly, the bitchiness is a result of your privileged ass being able to afford the “luxury” to be ignored!

MEANWHILE, I work a real job, pay real bills, and at the end of the day I cater to a REAL man! Frankly, satisfying your weird wealthy ass is the last thing I have on my mind! Just be happy someone of my sexy caliber is willing to let you listen 


  I’m sassy, but I’m also sweet. 

( If you hear my sweet side it’s because I took a liking to you)

 Being randomly ignored

(…like seriously.)

 Party Girl

(Being tipsy and/or “elevated” is to be expected)

 Male company

(Go figure…)

Talking on the phone

(NOT with you. HAAA!)

Cooking, cleaning, studying…

(Ya know chores & shit.)

 Working out

(While sexy comes naturally, it still has to be maintained)

 Talking to you

(Hey, I might get bored. Ha!)



SAFE PHRASE: Pardon Me Your Xcelynce.

(Use this only if you have something that you feel is necessary for my attention. I will assign punishments for unnecessary remarks and mispronunciation of my name!)

Contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.