Phone Sex

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♡ Princess Moony Muis' Girlfriend line ♡

*Have you ever dreamt of having a hot&funny girl like as your girlfriend? This is your chance, but beware... it won't be cheap. My time is precious.*

Imagine you coming back home, tired&lonely and craving desperately a hot and soft voice to cuddle your fears and worries away. That could be me, speaking you with my best English but with a funny italian accent that will make you smile all the time.
Send me a message before calling me to know each other better, so I will know exactly what's best to say during the call in order to make you live a complete experience, that will satisfy you and that will make you want it more and more and more...
I will ask how your day went, I will confort you and make your day a little bit lighter than what usually is. I am educated, funny, caring but also a great talker: my interests vary from music, to movies, to tv series, art and so on... Really, talking to me is so easy it will seem as if we knew each other for a lifetime. And who knows? If we get along well we could also get to talk dirty at some point, but beware: I am a classy and shy girl.

A couple of general rules before calling me:
♡ The price is not negotiable. I will dedicate you totally&completely part of my precious time and it will take some work&effort for me to act the part properly.
♡ Don't be pushy. Take it easy.
♡ Be a gentlemen. Before calling, bring your best manners with you. If you will be rude&hasty I will end the call at once.
♡ Write me in advance before calling. Tell me everything I need to know about you so I can offer you the best experience you are looking for.