Phone Sex

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Accept your inferiority and begin worshipping me.

Hello little beta, stop your researches, if you're here you have already found what you are looking for.

{ 23-years old ♡ Foot Princess ♡ Princess but Queen of Tease&Denial ♡ Bodyworship }
I am a living fetish: each part of my perfect petite body is a kink for you and makes you go obsessed about me. They call me Moony Muis because once you had a glimpse of me, you weak little pathetic beings get all moony about me.
{ Hairfetish ♡ Handfetish ♡ Smokefetish ♡ Hypnotizing & much more... }
All of this is wrapped up in an educated, attractive & classy girl. Too high standard for your loser-eyes. The only way you are allowed to interact with me is after showing devotion and respect with a fat tribute and talking to me with your best manners. The only way you might get closer to my body is watching me wearing your gifts or what I've demanded to be bought from my wishlist. Edge for me and send, make my attention bell ring with money and once you've finished everything I will make you go out and make some more for me.
I also am a perfect Lifestyle Coach: I fulfill your lives with purpose&meaning because you will live for me, change your life completely for me, cut where you can cut and modifying what can be modified in order to be able to send more and so have a more exciting servitude-experience. For my infinite qualities, tributes are the least you worthless men could possibly do.

Hear my voice and you will hear art, truth and light.

Welcome to the rabbit hole: once you got here, the only thing you can possibly do is going deeper and deeper and feed your addiction-monster.