Phone Sex

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Mister Monster

Cry dollars. Spend cum. Squirt tears.

Don't be too scared. I won't leap through the phone to devour you until we've got to know each other a little better. I'm not hiding under your bed right now, and I won't trap you in a public bathroom tomorrow, turn the lights out, lock the door and require you to beg for mercy. I DO like hearing you beg, though.

What I offer:
This means I’ll care for your privacy, your time, your limits and your essential value as human being.

This doesn’t mean I won’t mock and belittle you if that’s what you came here for. I might, for instance, instruct you to continue describing to me what a pathetic little creature you are. Long past the point when you should have stopped. Long past the point of discomfort. Long past the point when you can’t contain yourself. Did you lose control again? Now I’m really going to ridicule you! Respect also means listening. Tell the monster your secret sins.

If you hit one one of the very, very few (legal) sexual topics I haven’t investigated and enjoyed in real time, I’ll tell you. Don’t hold your breath, though.

Are there other monsters in the deepest, darkest recesses of your brain who need to be let loose all over your life?Trained? Screwed into submission? I can do all that.

When your own monsters need a rest, let me introduce you to things that go bump in the night so hard you'll feel it for weeks. Things that live in ravines and sewers and forests and closets. Things that live in headlines, in dark alleys and in the parts of town people tell you you're not supposed to walk through.Things that you want as much as you fear.

I can spin one heck of a tale, but I don’t need much creativity to describe to you situations far outside most people’s sexual experience. I’m living those situations. I’m a real-life queer, kinky poly top, with many, many lovers and decades of real-life experience taking people to places they’ve never been before. Nasty, intense places, often. Places where people discover that they’re much less in control than they thought, and places where people discover how much they enjoy giving up control to a dominant, experienced and slightly monstrous black man. (Imagination also helps us find ways to discuss your filthiest sexual fantasies without contravening the rules here, then takes those fantasies to another level entirely.)

Yes, I’m sometimes very fond of those situations where a cuckold watches me satisfy their partner in ways the cuck couldn’t ever. Over and over again, until your partner’s tears of exhaustion and gratitude make you cry, too. Did I mention getting off on making you cry? Adults need to cry sometimes. Might as well visit some of the spooky places and cum super-hard on your way to those tears.

Monsters get all the action. Ask nicely and I'll tell you about the real-life situations I encounter that would need to get toned down before they were believable enough to be porn plots:

The student who comes into my office during class to show me how wet she is and takes it hard on my desk, trying not to scream as I pound her? Check.

The big, dominant straight dude who gets a little overexcited after a night of partying with us and ends up bent over the couch, holding himself open, begging to have his tight virgin butt reamed? Check.

The sweet, earnest political dykes next door who cum bi to ask about the strange noises, then get loud themselves when they find out what monster balls are full of. Checkity-check check. I'll be gentler with you than I was with them. To start, anyway... Then I'll wreck you, because that's what monsters do.