Phone Sex

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Mistress Scarlette Night

Ignore Line - because you're not worth my time!

Don't expect Me to pay attention to the pathetic loser that you are.

In fact, sometimes I won't even say "Hello" when I answer. If I do, it's usually by mistake because someone worth my time might be calling. Not you.

Listen to Me as I talk to My friends and make fun of the loser on the other end of My phone. Maybe get to hear Me as I just go on about My day. Maybe I will be showering, working, driving, screwing someone worthy... or, if you're really lucky, you might even hear Me with a submissive. If that's the case, I expect a healthy tribute, loser!

Actually, your worthlessness should send Me a healthy tribute just because, creep!

Better feel lucky that I even answer, loser, you don't deserve Me.

If I do not hear "My Mistress?" or "Madam?" I will hang up. Do NOT completely waste My time.

Don't forget to show your gratitude that I picked up!

Go on, pick up the phone and call Me.