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The Queen Aston

Hypnotic French-Arabic Lesbian Maitresse Totale

Ca va mon petit, another favorite method of mine to control you is through brainwashing, hypnosis, mesmerize and trance techniques. I am quite effective for those who are highly suggestible. And must warn you I excel at this. Everyone who buys one of my hypnosis videos ends up buying several if not all of them. It flows very naturally from my lips once I have an objective in mind for the trance.

I can take you to sub space with my voice alone. Although if one wants to experience the full effect it is highly recommended to add cam by simply purchasing my skype ID. However just because you buy the ID once, doesn't make it an automatic add on each time. The rate on this line is considerably lower than my cam line. Must pay skype fee each time in order to add cam to this call.

Add skype ID to hypnosis + brainwashing call..

This option is not available for any other listing. I thoroughly enjoy hypnosis and watching the affect I have on my sub during a session of this nature.