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Polyamorous A combination of two words: The Greek word "poly" meaning more than one / many, and the Latin word "amor" meaning love.) Meaning when a person loves more than one person romantically. The emphasis is on the word "love" which differentiates the term from similar types like open or slut although those types often use the term "polyamorous" or "poly" to define themselves; usually incorrectly. Polyamorous people love the people they sleep with in the same way monogamous couples love each other and are also loyal/faithful to their partners in the same way. Being poly requires open honestly between all involved to fit the accepted definition of polyamory. Poly is not purely defined by sex alone. A poly person can love two people dearly while only having sex with one of the people involved. For example: A man with two girlfriends who love each other without jealous feelings and who sleep with him but not each other; all involved are polyamorous. Not the same as, but closely related to, being a polygamist which is strictly defined by marriage and not just love. When polyamorous couples get married they are then polygamists. "So are you actually polyamorous or are you just a slut?"