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polyamorous when you date/ are married to multiple people at a time person 1: hey, how is your wife? person 2: which one? Jolene or Hannah? person 1: wait? you have more than one wife? isnt that cheating? person 2: nah, its called being polyamorous person 1: uhm no, its called being a cheater person 1: if youre married to two people at a time, its called cheating! does Jolene even know youre maried to Hannah?! person 2: yup! and she is okay with it! she has her other husband as well! person 2: the only way fot these relationships to work is honesty, so we tell eachother everything person 1: wow, okay then, sorry i judged you person 2: its cool... person 2: and Jolene and Hannah are fine by the way