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Your Face and My Ass Should Meet

Congratulations on elevating yourself to a higher state of learning by interacting with me. I'd give you a cookie, but... Nah, who am I kidding? I wouldn't give you shit. As it may be dawning on you, you nasty little pig slut, I am Lady Zuna D'Reiy. You can call me "My Lady" if you're brains are still in your balls and you can't remember all that.

I am extremely narcissistic, materialistic, and vain. I get off on knowing your sitting in a dark room slurping ramen noodles because I've drained your wallet into nothingness. I would say I'm a condescending, belittling brat who is sarcastic, self-absorbed, and my entire world revolves around me and my happiness; as should yours. Yet, I'm ever so sweet enough to grace you with my melodic voice and girlish giggle, even if you are barely worth being alive and too useless for anyone to give any sort of thought about you. You will be mind fucked to her me say dirty things in the sweetest of tones.

I am above you, you are beneath me. I am the primadonna and you are the grubby orphan desiring to sit in the audience. I am the blessing your miserable existence needs to have purpose and I know you will gladly crack open your wallet to fulfill your ultimate, pathetic destiny.

You will do the things I tell you to do. If I want you to smash your dick in an open drawer because I want to hear you scream, you will do it. If I want to hear you make disgusting grunting noises like the pig you are, you will do it. Those heels and dress in your closet, I might wanna see you in them so I can get a good laugh. I also like teasing you with my huge ass and tits and demand an exorbitant cum tax, just so you CAN'T cum. I love to toy with you and laughing about it... and laughing LOUD!

If you, ever have a thought in your life and believe you are worthy of sniffing the soles of my shoes, then you should call. It very well depends on my mood on how much I'll pity your miniscule pin prick of a life. I look forward to hearing from you and giggling about your worthlessness.