Phone Sex

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Every morning you roll out of bed, put your business man pants on and go to work.
The money grows relatively undisturbed in your bank account and your life is nothing but work.
I offer you the chance to jump off that school bus and into my Lamborghini - paid for by you.


I will put your money to good use and you will be a better man for it.
My eyes alone will make you want to hand over whatever it is I demand... You will become more and more of a slave to your ultimate desire for me. You will go to great lengths just to get my attention. The word "NO" is not in your vocabulary, and you will address me properly, as Goddess Angelina. You: Loyal pay pig money slave. You yearn to be owned as I drain your wallet little by little until you just want'll find me as one of your most relevant reasons for even living.. Living to serve so that you can even have the CHANCE to see my face or hear my voice. You didn't know it yet, little piggy...but this here is what you've been waiting for and missing for quite some time...

Financial-Domination (Fin-Dom) -Slavery, -Control, -Exploitation is a frequent request to Dominant Women.
Unfortunately, these requests often turn out to be fantasies of pathetic little males who have nothing better to do with their time than waste it along with that of the Domina whom they are attempting to engage in mutual communication, with no intention of follow-through. If you are a pay-pig, money slave or "human ATM machine," do not waste My time by asking if you can be My financial slave, send money first, then ask. Only contact Me after you have sent a ltribute.
Once these requirements have been met to my satisfaction, the multitudinous joys of serving Me will be yours.


Be my fangirl,
x Angelina