Phone Sex

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My name is Jackie Oh, but Ms. Onassis and I have only one thing in common -- We both enjoy a nice pearl necklace!

I am young, smart, and sexy. I'm a pervy, freaky, nympho dream girl. Try me. I'll blow your mind and so much more ;-P
I am open to anything. I put the B in LGBT+. And when it comes to BDSM, just like my sexuality, I like to switch it up. I can be a sweet, soft, submissive girl. Or I can be a stone cold bitch that will make you whimper.

What is your fantasy? I'd love to find out!

Get my Skype ID so we can play on cam too!

BTW I might be a wild crazy slut, but I gotta draw the line somewhere. So here's your disclaimer:
1. I don't do anything that could result in personal or bodily injury. I will determine what that is.
2. I love BBC, but I do not approve the use of racial slurs. Sorry, not sorry.
3. We are indulging in fantasies. I am not actually falling in love with you. I will not actually join you for a sexy rendezvous. I am definitely not going to actually visit you when your wifey leaves. But that does not mean we can't play pretend. Welcome to the world of internet sex. It is mysterious and exciting, and we can have a lot of fun. If you try to make it more than that, then you are just taking all the fun out of it. Got it? Good.

Please be respectful of my limits, and I will be sure to make you very happy.

Talk to you soon!!
XOXO Jackie Oh

P.S. Are you curious to know more about me? Or am I so fucking amazing that you just cannot get enough of me? Well then check out my fucking profile page. And then keep fucking checking it whenever you're horny or bored or whatever.