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S.C.U.M. Society 4 Cutting Up Men LIBERTINE

I am a purveyor of FILTH. A DUCHESS OF THE DEPRAVED.... Are you AWARE of the fact that as a male you are a biological accident... A WALKING ABORTION? Take the Pledge... Admit you are SCUM! The y(male) gene is an incomplete x(female) gene, that is, has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males crippled accidents at birth. If you are aware of your lamentable disease of maleness you might deserve to fork over all your money in the name of FEMALE SUPERIORITY.

ARE YOU pent up with guilt, shame, fears and insecurities and obtaining, if youre lucky, a barely perceptible physical feeling.... Have you accepted the FACT that as a male you are obsessed with screwing.... You lamentable nothings will PERFORM VILE UNSPEAKABLE ACTS OF DEPRAVITY if you think there will be a friendly pussy, or even an open hole awaiting you. ADMIT IT... You'll screw a woman you despise.... Any snaggle-toothed hag.... And further, pay for the opportunity. Why? Relieving physical tension isn't the answer, as masturbation suffices for that. To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo. It's often said that men use women. Use them for what? Surely not pleasure.

Prove to me that you know you are SCUM. Why don't you give me control of your bank account while you're at it so I can buy you a months worth of dog food a chastity device and cage to sleep in and you can watch me blow the rest of your hard-earned money on absolutely frivolous expendable madness. Show me how devoted you are to the fact that you are a biological accident. The more you know you are a complete waste of life and prove yourself to be ABJECT SCUM by FORKING over all your HARD EARNED CASH to a WHITE TRASH GODDESS who we all know is WORLDS SUPERIOR TO YOU! to allow you to admit it and begging me to commit the most filthy and vile acts I will allow myself to accept you as the genetically defective ape you are.

I WOULD LOVE TO EAT YOU ALIVE! You know you're a deplorable feeble pervert and the only way you can cope with your tragic damaged mind and deplorable inadequicies Is to give yourself up totally to me. A superior woman who knows what a completely egocentric, yet psychically passive turd you are. I know you hate your passivity, so you project it onto women. You feeble bitches then set out to prove that you are a man by screwing...(Big Man with a Big Dick tearing off a Big Piece). Since you are pitifuly attempting to prove an error, you must "prove" it again and again. Screwing, then, is a desperate, compulsive attempt to prove you are not passive, not a woman; but inside you know you are inadequate and all you really want is to submit to and let this GODDESS OF FILTH AND SCUM CUNTrol you. AMAZON WISHLIST. PROVE TO ME YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AND SPOIL ME BY PUTTING THESE ITEMS IN THE MOST PERVERSE CAPABLE HANDS POSSBLE.

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