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Calling all paypigs, cash cows & human ATMs!!!

Goddess Wendy Darling

On your knees, slave!
Accept your place beneath Me.

I am an Alpha Female, and you are a beta male slave.
Or, you wouldn't have come to a Financial Domination listing.
Financial Domination isn't just about Me taking your money,
it's about you submitting to Me.
In our world, money is power, and I
want to take that power away from you.
I will mindfuck you and make you beg
to give me more of your hard-earned cash.

I will make you stroke your pathetic dick,
while you click to send Me money.
I will make you oink like the paypig you are
as you max out all of your credit cards
I will milk you like a beast of burden
to prove what a cash cow you are for Me.
I will push all your buttons, enter My code,
to dispense My cash from you, Human ATM.

In return, I may allow you to stroke your clit-dick
to the thought of going more in debt for Me.

I will keep a tally of your donations to Me,
and tease you by counting every dollar in front of you.

Paying Me will become a cycle of euphoria
and regret that you'll never escape.

And maybe, when I think you've paid enough,
I'll rewared you & let you have an orgasm.

If you don't pay enough, I'll make you beg...
beg Me to deny you ANY pleasure.
Maybe I'll make you beg me to lock you
into chastity until you please Me.

Keeping Me happy will be your new addiction.
You will be amazed at the things you are willing
to do to be allowed to stroke and spend.

You will gleefully fill out credit card applications,
take out loans, and sell everything you own to Feed My Greed.

Every day you will look forward to coming home from work
just to worship at My altar and pay Tribute to your Goddess.
But it will never be enough.
Your mind will be consumed with thoughts of
"How can I make more money for my Goddess?”

And you will thank Me for giving purpose to
your sad, pathetic, little pay pig life.
You are nothing without Me.
Now give your life some meaning. Don't just sit there
with your disgusting dick in your hand.
Pull out that big, fat wallet for Me, and spend.

Whatever I decide to do to with you,
you, slave, will THANK ME, DAILY!!!

My slaves exist only to

your first Order is to purchase some of My Goodies
or send a Tribute or Gift.
you will ALWAYS leave feedback for any purchases!

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I love being spoiled, as all Women do, especially by beta males

When you are ready to serve your new Alpha Goddess,
then you will tribute before calling or contacting Me!

NOW, you NEED TO...
I'LL BE WATCHING, slave!!!

Here's a list of things that interest Me:
Financial Domination|Humiliation|Goddess Worship|SPH|Cuckolding
Chastity Keyholding|JOI|CEI|Sissy Training|CBT|Forced Bi
Tease and Denial|Mind Fucking|Panty Fetish|Orgasm Control

I always love receiving your monetary tributes.
Money in our society is power, and love you giving that power to Me!
Show Me you know I am above you:

I demand that betas who serve Me pay for perving My pages and wanking
your beta male clit-dicks, and ALWAYS pay your little-dick and cum taxes.