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Trophy Wife - Cuckold Life

Hello gentlemen!

My name is Lisa and I am the ultimate trophy wife. A 5'10", 135lb, athletic brunette with a toned body and 40DD breasts that look absolutely stunning in my tight t-shirts and low cut blouses. Every man in town is deeply envious of my husband, but that would change quickly if they only knew the truth!

I haven't touched him in years and I routinely fuck other men in our bed because it turns me on to make him suffer!

I spent the first two of those years teasing him mercilessly and leaving him to jerk off alone while I made a great many new friends among the frat boys in the next town who were all too willing to give me the things that he couldn't. Over and over again!

When my husband started figuring out where I was going and what I was doing in my spare time, that made it even better! If he was able to give me what I needed, things would be different, but as it stands, it seems only fair that he be made aware of his shortcomings and of all the ways in which all these other men are stepping up to give me the things that he is unable to provide.

He still works hard and pays the bills but, other than the ego boost from being seen with me, the only benefit he gets is being able to masturbate while I tell him about all the things that real men do to me. I love the look on his face when I talk about sucking younger, larger cocks and how I get on all fours and beg these guys to fuck me in all the ways that he never could, how they spank me and sometimes tie me down and make me beg them to shoot their hot cum all over my face and tits.

These days, I find myself getting more and more turned on by his humiliation. One of my favorite recent experiences was when I invited one of the friends that used to be so envious of my husband into our bedroom, right in front of him, while we were out for dinner one night. I explained the situation to this friend and we went home and fucked extra loudly while my husband waited outside the door hearing it all. The fact that every moan must have been pure torment for him made me so hot! I had an earth shattering orgasm while being spanked and fucked doggie style, begging my husband's friend to make me cum. I can only imagine how my husband felt! lol

I am, as a rule, much smarter and sexier than most men and women that I encounter, but I recently met my match in the form of an older man who has since become my master! We started out the same as my other lovers but his complete domination of me and hearing of his cruel, nasty sexual escapades were amazing and humbling! You should hear what my master did to his own best friend when he asked to borrow money! His terms were shocking and exhilarating! He is a man not shackled by conventional sexual morality and I find myself unable to resist him!

My master has found that he also loves to humiliate my husband and he has turned me into a total dominatrix with that loser. In comparison to my real man of a master, my husband is a joke! My master calls him every now and then just to tell him how he's fucked me, had me held down and fucked by other men, how my blow jobs are the best and how he makes me practice on a dildo so that I can take his whole huge cock in my mouth.

I love demanding of my husband that he bow down at the feet of this real man! My master has endless, incredibly arousing ideas about how to completely humiliate him and I am always happy to oblige, so I can tell you incredible stories of the things we have done to make him suffer! Picture a desperate man on his hands and knees with his wife laughing as he is forced to endure endless torment; think restraints, gags, whips, a straight man begging not to suck the cock of the alpha male who owns his wife, strap-ons, etc.

Please give me a call so we can talk! I am so incredibly aroused by what has been going on lately that I just can't cum often enough. Let's have some fun and cum together!

If you empathize with my husband, I'd be happy to make myself cum hard while I tell you about all the terrible ways your loving wife could torment and humiliate you in front of a man who you could simply never live up to! If you are more the alpha type, I'd love to hear what terrible torments you can come up with! I have found that I will do just about ANYTHING for a powerful man, particularly one who likes the idea of making my loser of a husband suffer! I will be your absolute slave, worship your cock and all that you do to me with it, and beg for your cum all over me!