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TOTAL Life Control...(Maia Knows Best)

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Hi, I'm Maia and I am your new friend...lover...Goddess. That's right, I am your new EVERYTHING.. You know this is what you have always needed but you never met someone who is actually serious about controlling your life. Well, your wish has been granted...are you ready to partake? If not, this is the wrong listing for you, try some of my other ones.

I am a very simple Goddess to please as long as one rule or (Mantra) is solidified in your subconscious. This mantra is the root to all that will transpire between us. Once this is fully understood by you we will have a spectacular life together...Are you ready for it?
What you must repeat both to yourself and to me is the ultimate truth:

Maia knows best.
So when I tell you that you will need to set aside 30 minutes to an hour for our call (unless personally instructed otherwise), what do you say?-
"Maia Knows Best."
When I ask you seemingly "pointless" questions during our call. Your reply is then
"Maia Knows Best"
When I ask you for details pertaining to your spending, your thoughts are- 'Maia...Knows...BEST"

Want to know more about me?

I am a woman who has mastered the art living a double life.

On one hand I am a loving house wife who makes great apple pie and long grocery lists....and on the other I am a sex vixen who loves to be in control and push all boundaries...

I discovered years ago (after I caught my husband cheating with a domme) that I had been playing everything far too safe.

I had had enough of following the rules. It was time for me to not only create my own..but insist that they are followed.

You are good at following rules?

What if I wanted you to worship my tits?
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My Ass...
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My married pussy
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What about my entire hot body?
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I want you to want need me...miss me when I am away...That is my goal here. I need to be your next addiction. I want to get inside of your mind and make myself at home.

That is what sets me apart...I need to know what makes you tick. It's something I care about. So if you're looking for a quickie. I'm not your gal. I love to build connections over time. I love long term bonds that grow in intensity with every call.

With that being said I am not only interested in what drives you sexually...I need to know about your day to day life. Just call me your sensual bossy controlling GFE...yea, that's the best way to describe me. Prepare to check in with me...message me...and call me as instructed. You must be obedient and give very little push back.

I have rewards for good boys...and punishments for bad ones.

I like to be loving and "fair"... but it would unwise to test your Mistress...

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And I do watch on Cam for a tribute. Amount depends on amount of time

There is alot to me. I am a very dynamic individual...and you will enjoy the process of pleasing me...Speaking of pleasing me: Let's go over the rules and what to expect when you call me:

1. I was serious about setting aside 30min- and hour per call. In order to properly own you I must know you. Can't do that in 6 minutes.

2. Prepare for honesty both ways. We will engage in an honest conversation. I will ask you questions and you are allowed to ask me some. The goal is to form an authentic connection. Also note that I am a very calculated Goddess. No question is without reason.

3. I am highly attentive and will catch any inconsistencies in your story. Again, honesty is key. I am your ultimate dominate GFE. You can tell me anything.

4. Following rules is very important. That is the only way I can tell that you are serious about us. I am dedicated, consistent and put lots of energy into building a bond with you. I expect the same from you.

5. Last but not least; Maia knows best.. (There are more rules. they will be discussed over the line)

When I say TOTAL LIFE CONTROL I mean it.

I revel in controlling the most vital areas of your life...

Your money:

I need to approve of how you're spending it and who you are spending it on...

"Your" Cock and Cum:

How and when you use it...or shoot it is 10000% up to me. (Even if you are already have a girlfriend...or a wife. Your cock belongs to me, not her.)

Are you ready for me?

Prove it.

Instruction #1:

I want you to "Maia Knows Best" 20 times before calling me.

Just to set the tone for the call. *This listing is new, so if you want to read my feed back- see my other listings.*

***Many ask about my availability-
As of 8/12/16 I am on a vampire schedule. I usually log on around 10:00pm-12:00am EST and stay on until around 5:00am-7:00am.
At times I log on during the day but it's rare.
However, I am flexible and may schedule play times with you that fall outside of these times..***

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Love Maia.
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