Phone Sex

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I am the One True Domm. Accept No Substitutes.

Sit up straight, pig, and listen.

I am the One True Domm. Accept no substitutes.

I am not your Mistress. I am not your Master. I am not your Sir or Ma'am. I am your Divinity.

And don't you think it's about time you recognized that?

I have a body that mortal pigs like you yearn to touch and see. My size 32DD chest is all natural, never once been touched by a knife, with large and sensitive areolas. My petite waist is already small enough, but I love cradling it with corsets and seeing how much I can pull those strings. You dream of My hips hugged by panties and thongs, keeping you from fully seeing a cunt that drips and glistens for cocks much more mighty and worthy than your pitiful little piggy one. Still, your breath catches in your throat as you pray - and remember, I am your Divinity so I hear such things - that I might offer you the chance to service my cunt, or else worship My cock as though your own were a sad imitation,

Services available to mortal pigs:
  • Ignoring - If you're lucky, you'll hear Me talk to my fellow Mistresses and Dominas about how stupid you pigs are. Even luckier, and you'll hear Me talk to men who have cocks worthy of feeling the warmth of My cunt be lowered on them. But mostly, you'll be listening to me not listening to you. Because you don't deserve My time.
  • Foot Worship - I have petite little size six feet that slip into heels and perfectly pampering slippers without struggle. And some of those heels need a good cleaning (Your tongue will do just fine, I think)
  • JOI - (With SPH and CEI seamlessly slipped in) Do you want to know how you can show your true devotion, slut? By hanging onto my every word in your need for self-pleasure. Of course, don't think cumming or enjoying it is a given right.
  • Financial Domination/Human ATM - Cum doesn't buy temples, idols, heels for Me to crush the world beneath, or any such things. Really, it's more useless than you are. Your fat wallet, on the other hand, can buy Me everything I need. So oink, oink, oink, little piggies, and squeal all the way to the market.
  • Sissification - As a Divinity that transcends your stupidly foolish understandings of what it is to be a Man or a Woman, I can instruct you on what shade of berry red lipstick best makes it clear that you're a stupid slut who wants nothing more than to have cum dribbling from your lips. I can tell you what pair of panties best tells the world 'Give me your big fat cocks'. And I will make you model them for Me, begging My approval with shame across your face that someone knows your little secret.
  • Forced Bi - You will service my cock if I demand it, and you will enjoy it. Or maybe I'll make you crave the same thicker, worthier cocks that I allow the privilege of fucking My wet, warm cunt or tight ass.
  • Fantasies - Nothing is too absurd, too taboo for Me. Play by site rules, and I can consider letting you indulge in whatever twisted and contorted situation has been implanted in your pitiful mortal brain.
  • Other Services - Not listed? Doesn't mean I'm not interested. Let's discuss it, and provided that the price tag is right and it caters to My whim, I may accommodate.

What are you waiting for, pig? Call or send me a message, right now.

I play with men, women, nonbinary and transgender people alike without discrimination. Being that I transcend such narrow lines myself, for those who find themselves caught in the latter two categories, I will show the utmost respect if you tell me that certain lines or topics are a strict and hard limit, as well as respect your pronouns.