Phone Sex

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Seductive, smart, funny, & yet submissive toy

I'm a 40 year old woman whose super high libido has informed her sensibilities for years. If you crave a lively conversation where it's fine when it turns to sexuality, you're craving to talk to me. If you love talking to a promiscuous woman who will tell you her craziest times (and not lie) please call me! I love talking about my vast sexual experiences! (and I'm always doing more!) If you just want to breathe heavy while I tell you a "bedtime story", you'll enjoy my sexy voice while you pleasure yourself. If you need a submissive girl to talk to, to boss around, to bully, to threaten, to make do what you want, then you definitely need to talk to me. I've been doing over the phone consultations/coaching/sexy stories/interactive improvisational acting (phone sex!) for men for twenty years! I love it now more than ever. I've helped big, strong men find their inner sissies, I've helped ease the tension of the men who love to talk to a real, interested, engaged human being while they stroke their cocks. I have a high rate because I have twenty years of experience of fucking and sucking, and being submissive in bed.. Also, I won't try to keep you on the phone just to make another buck. You want to get off quick? Tell me. Do you want half an hour of my time? Tell me so I can go prepare first. I'm not always around, so if you send me a message, we can schedule something. :) My tone here is deliberately polished. Please be assured that I can be as filthy, raunchy, or sexy as you like. There are only a few things I won't discuss. If it grosses me out, then I just can't do it! Here are the hard limits. spitting fecal play the other standards : animals, necrophilia, actual rape That leaves a lot to fantasize about. That leaves a lot to talk about!