Phone Sex

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You are here because you are can't stop. PTV's, buttons, or some form of financial domination and related behavior.

Financial related issues including, but not limited to PTV games, raise the rate, tributing, and non stop and clicking are very complex and are hard to break free of without professional help and support.

It's hard to tell who you can trust and who is really here to help. Rest assured, you can rely on me and my expertise to help you fight back and stop this never ending cycle of behavior.

I have a background in sexual psychology so I know how to help you enjoy the exciting benefits of sexual wellness without feeling the need to open your wallet time and time again.

I offer a safe and comfortable financial rehab program in which to examine your sexuality, issues and concerns.

You will learn to use the tools and skills you already have while developing new, more successful strategies to not only raise your self esteem but to enjoy your sexuality without being used as a human ATM and wallet. You have been used and abused enough already.

Call me, or send me a Niteflirt mail before you give into another financial dominatrix.

I'm here for support!!

I urge you to reach out today for my help.


PTV #1. Introduction. Click! $6

PTV #2. A bit more intense. $6.99

PTV #3.Therapeutic wisdom . $25

PTV #4. The Solution-A click away. $50

PTV #5. This is True Therapy $100

PTV #6. Advanced Therapy. $250

PTV #7. This is the goal for any PTV lover $500