Phone Sex

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I'm a fair Princess my pet, no need for nastiness (unless you want that?) I'll never fuck you. Ever. Maybe if you're lucky i'll allow you to stroke yourself while I listen. I do gain amusement from hearing you climax. We can talk about your day, I like to talk. I'm not a shallow puddling sweetie, i'm a wading pool. ;) Don't judge a book by it's cover, I have brains and beauty. I can ignore you completely if you'd like? Or I can be that unattainable friend that you'll always want a piece of and never get. Either way, please pay tribute. Don't get it twisted, i'm not giving you a request, but pets are people too and do deserve a bit of decency now and again. If you have a special request you'll be given the opportunity at the beginning of the call to make it clear what you want from our interaction. These are your options. *Ignore line *Small cock humiliation *Friend talk-About my day no sex *Friendly discussion-About YOUR day no sex *Confessional-Tell me your sins and accept the punishment *Financial domination- Let me do your budget for you, i'll empty that wallet and leave you hungry-Email me through the site. **TRIBUTES are EXPECTED if you want to move on to the next level of our relationship.** I will show you respect and decency, as long as you remember that you exist for my pleasure. You exist to supply me with all of the wonderful things that I need to make my life complete. In return you get a confidant, and a willing ear/ shoulder to cry on. And you will cry.