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Let the new girl do bad, bad things to you

I'm Rachel, and I really do work in a library! I'm 22 and I live in a leafy, historic university town in Canada. Ivy, stone towers, and one bookish, slutty, oh-so-eloquently filthy little redhead.

You might have seen me around town, squeezing avocados in the A&P, keeping my balance on a crowded bus even in my sky-high heels, lingering in the aisles of the used bookstore or record shop, lost in a book while my chai latte cools off rapidly on the table in front of me at a coffeeshop. I'm wonder if I have a boyfriend. You wonder if you'd have a chance, if you tried talking to me. You wonder what my lips would feel like wrapped around your cock.

But you think you'll never find out. How wrong you are.

It's up to you: do you want to chat with a warm, smart, funny girl about film, music, books, philosophy, and all things nerdy? Or do you want to hear my sexy voice tell you in aching, extravagant detail exactly how much I want your hard cock? Both? A little from Column A, a lot from Column B?

Because I'm down. I want to hear everything that turns you on. The truth is, I love sex. I love talking about it, I love it when a man can't control himself anymore and cums all over my tits. I love being submissive and letting a powerful man be the one who gets me down on my knees. It's freeing, when I'm ordinarily so sweet—once I get going, you should hear the stuff that comes out of my mouth! How can such a nice girl say such filthy things?

If you're shy, you can always drop a little something in my tip jar and introduce yourself first. But I'm easy to talk to, so don't be afraid to just ring me up. Talk to me and we'll have some fun.

call me! dying to talk to you