Phone Sex

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If you're looking for a submissive young woman to cater to your every need and desire...

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Who wants to play with you, just as much as you do her...

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We do it your way, whatever you're comfortable with. I can roleplay, share sexy secrets, and fill your ears with mind-numbing moans of ecstacy. I will follow orders given to me with no rebuttal, and ask permission to satisfy myself. What would you like me to call you? Sir? Master? Dominus? You are free to call me as you like...:)


Which hole would you like to fill today? All three? Will you please? 

I have a toy. Would you like to listen to me while I use it? We can talk about all of the ways I can serve you, and make me beg to come for you. And oh, do I want to come for you, Sir.


Would you like to know some of the things I am into? Well, I do enjoy having my asshole filled, just as much as my pussy. Both at the same time, if you'd like to plug me up with a toy. And orgasm denial makes my head spin, in a good way! General submission gets me wet, and even a little punishment will make me quiver with excitement. I love the feeling of a big strong hand wrapped around my windpipe as I'm being used as a fucktoy, and the sensation of my head being yanked back by my hair. I have a lovely big ass, please, spank it and leave welts on it. And when you're finished with me, please, allow me the honor of thanking you for giving me your time and attention.

Aside from the roughness, I am also a gentle lover too. Edge me. Torture me. Drive me crazy with tenderness. Collar me, and call me Yours. 

Do any of those pique your interest? Give me a call, you won't be disappointed! :*