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Break Free Productions

Break Free from the Submissive Lifestyle

Are you looking to leave behind the submissive life? Do you want to use your time, energy, creativity and money on bettering yourself rather than giving it away to Dominatrixes? I can help. I have broken the back of Femdom thought and can coach you step by step out of being used and abused, to being a person with real self esteem and self worth. We will resurrect your fire, and soon your submissive life will be nothing but a memory, a series of lessons that will only make you stronger. Once you are free from submissive, servile thinking you will feel like a champion every single day. Pass this test, and the world will fall at your feet. Make that positive change today. Execute. The time has come to move from one life stage to another. I will help you from your knees onto your own two feet. Your back, bent and aching from bowing, will be upright and straight. Your head will be held high. Call me for personalised coaching, and to gain a new friend. Someone who knows exactly what you're going through, and exactly how to get out following simple steps. My name is Osho, and I'm here to help you not abuse you. I don't need any tributes etc, only the fee from the call so I can continue to help people throw off their submissive masks, and reveal their true power underneath. Take a bold step today, my friend. We will do this together, and remove the virus of submission from you. Truly, speaking from first hand experience, once you leave the submissive life, you will feel like a Titan. Stop feeling weak and victimised, and start feeling strong, dependable, fulfilled, consistent, and active. Own your life. That's who it was meant for.